Strength training exercises for runners

Fittness-TrainingIf you aspire to become a highly efficient and exceptional runner, mere running practices would not be enough. It is no secret that strength training is one of the most crucial aspects of training for runners as well as other types of athletes. Therefore, try to include some or all of the below strength training exercises to your daily practice routine as they will enable you to increase your strength, speed and flexibility. If you plan on doing such workouts, you can purchase some quality fitness equipment from Eser Marketing.

Single-Leg Deadlifts:  This involves you holding a barbell or some free weights in front of you while keeping one knee bent. Next, you must lift the opposite leg behind you after hinging forward at the waist. Now keep the weights close to the top part of your legs and lower the weights. Keep the glute of the leg landed on the ground while engaging your hamstring, before returning to stand. Repeat the routine for around eight times before switching to the other leg. This type of exercises are known to build the glute muscle to prepare you for running. Two other such exercises are single-leg pelvic bridge and donkey kicks.

Bodyweight Squats: Keep your feet hip distance apart while your toes face forward. Now change to a sitting position, keeping your knees at toes level. Do this till you start feeling your hamstrings, quads and glutes engage and return to the standing position. Repeat this for like 12 times or slightly less, gradually adding weight when it starts becoming easy.

Single-Leg Squats: Squat down keeping your balance on one foot, and keeping the knees bent and staying in a sitting position. Once you reach an angle of 90 to 115 degrees at the knee, slowly extend your leg back up. Repeat this around 12 times before switching to the other leg.

Core Work: There are numerous exercises that help strengthen your core including reverse crunch, the bicycle, planks and crunches. The key is to perform them as often as possible and give them as much importance as you give speed drills or long runs.

Essentially, running is very important in building solid balance in your pelvis. Therefore it is important that you keep your form in perfect shape. Regular single-leg or two-leg squats are useful in this regard. A stabilized pelvis enables to also stabilize your stride, gait and entire body.